Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Shape this Summer

Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer time can mean a lot of fun road trips, which are filled with great experiences and memories. But in order to keep your car moving, you have to keep it serviced. So we put together this list of maintenance tips.

  1. Check your Tires:Tires play a huge role in your safety. Be sure to check their tread and air pressure to ensure they’re in the proper parameters
  2. Check the Engine:When it comes to your engine, you shouldn’t skimp on our servicing. Check your oil and other fluids.
  3. Replace your Wipers:Winter can do a lot of wear and tear on your wipers, make sure you replace them to keep them in working shape
  4. Test the Battery:Winter weather can be tough on your battery, be sure to test it to make sure it’s up to par
  5. Flush the Cooling System: Most manufactures suggest flushing your cooling system every two years. Flushing the cooling system will keep debris out of your anti-freeze and keep it effective.

So when it comes to keeping your vehicle running smoothly this summer, be sure to bring it into our service center for some routine maintenance.

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