Compare These Two Ram ProMaster Durability Features

When the all-new Ram ProMaster arrived here on the lot at Bud's Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Inc., our team members knew we would have to pass on some information to local motorists. This popular cargo van comes with a number of important durability features that are making hauling your work related supplies easier.

The new Ram ProMaster will reduce instances of rear-end collisions thanks in part to the antilock brake system. The system will be able to power down the brakes equally so that there is no skidding, preventing the wheels from locking up and causing damage to the contents in the cargo area.

One way that the Ram ProMaster can help make driving easier and safer, by increasing the visibility for the driver. This is accomplished by combining a shorter front end, a higher driver seat, and a longer and wider windshield. These combined will increase visibility by offering a higher vantage point.



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