Purigen Tire Fill in Celina, OH

Bud's Chrysler Dodge Jeep is proud to offer our new Purigen Tire Fill service. Purigen is a 98% nitrogen fill that replaces the regular air in your tires with this inflation solution.

It is estimated that nearly 80% of tires on the road today are under inflated. This under-inflated problem causes decreased tire life and fuel economy!

High-Purity nitrogen tire inflation has been used for many years by industry professionals. They used the gas primarily for increased safety, better pressure retention and increased pressure stability. While High-Purity nitrogen tire inflation does not relieve the motorist from checking their tire pressure regularly, nitrogen in tires will on average maintain a safe level of tire pressure for a much longer period of time. In addition, nitrogen in tires will reduce tire aging, wheel oxidation and reduce pressure swings caused by moisture found in regular inflated tires.

How much will I save? The average driver will save 3-5% on their fuel mileage, plus a 25-30% increase in tire life. This could add up to hundreds of dollars per year!

Contact our service department for more information by e-mail or at 1-877-713-3597.