With road trip season in full swing, many people also bring along their beloved pets such as a cat or a dog. It's pretty rare that any other type of pet will tag along, but this day and age, you never know. However, these tips will primarily be for driving with dogs and cats.


Make a Vet Visit: First things first, have your dog or cat checked out by the veterinarian before heading out on the roadways. Making sure they are healthy, up to date with shots, etc. is important.


Make a Supplies List: Make a list of supplies you will need to bring to take care of your pet. This includes food and water bowls.




Choose a Special Toy: Bring your pet's favorite toy for the ride. This may keep them calm and stress free.


Give them Rest Stops: Plan your stops so that they can get out of the car and stretch their legs, go potty, etc. This will be easier to plan especially if you have small children as they need frequent stops as well.


Be Prepared for the Worst: Have your pet microchipped. This is ideal if they get lost on your trip!


Consider a Crate: Decide if your pet needs a crate or kennel for the trip. Only you know what your pet can handle for a car ride.


Never leave the pet alone in the car on stops. If you have to, take turns leaving the car so that someone is always with them.